We are those of Foodracers!

Teleportation and Foodracers are two extremely linked projects, which are born with the same goal: to allow you to dedicate time to what is truly important to you. After years in food delivery we have decided to take a journey through time and go back to basics, relaunching the service we started from ... when home delivery via the platform was almost science fiction!


We have a bug: to combine online shopping and the support of local businesses. The result is to allow you to send and receive any product your city offers anywhere, within an hour.

The story of Foodracers

Foodracers was born in 2015 from an idea by Andrea Carturan; During numerous trips abroad, Andrea notices the rapid spread that home delivery services are having, and realizes that in Italy these activities are only found in metropolitan cities, leaving most of the capitals uncovered. He thus launched the App in January 2016 and soon ended up in the ranking of the most downloaded Apple, starting to expand the most cities.

Our values

At Foodracers we believe in values ​​and are committed every day to transmit them every day in everything we do.